Sunday, May 21, 2023

ICYMI: I Don't Feel OIder Edition (5/21)

And yet I am, though that is technically true every day. But there is still stuff to read. Remember-- if you find it a valuable read, share it. Writers need your help to bust through the cloud, and every litle share helps. Amplify the voices that you believe should be heard.

‘Lose Your School, You Lose Your Town’

Tim Walker writes for NEA Today about rural resistance to voucher programs.

No School, No Town: School Vouchers Threaten Rural Communities

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider breaks down how vouchers cause damage to rural communities, looking at some specific examples.

The Wisconsin teacher who wanted her kids to sing 'Rainbowland' says the school district plans to fire her and things are 'only going to get worse' for educators

Well, that headline tells most of the story, but Rebecca Cohen digs into it for Insider. One more story about how culture warriors don't think we should tolerate certain people, and school administrators who stink.

Minnesota Senate sends paid family and medical leave to governor's desk

The news is not all terrible. In one state, a move to compensate for the US last place position on parental support.

School district requires teachers to out LGBTQ+ students to their parents. The state is suing.

From New Jersey. LGBTQ Nation reports on the district in Hanover Township, New Jersey, has passed its own required outing rule, and the state is not having it. 

Pennridge School District To Eliminate Four Curriculum Supervisory Positions

Jenny Stephens has the latest chapter from Pennridge schools in Bucks County, PA for the Bucks County Beacon. Turns out the next thing that happens after you hire Vermilion consultants is you fire a bunch of people. 

Well, this was certainly a new one on me. A whole new baloney industry to pad college applications and devalue scholarship, all at once. From ProPublica.

Open and accessible? Here’s what happened when we tried to attend 10 Detroit charter school board meetings in a month.

One of the many reasons that charter schools are not public schools is the lack of transparency or open meetings. Koby Levin, reporting for Chalkbeat Detroit, tells the tale of trying to attend a charter board meeting. 

When the Last Real Teacher Says Goodbye: The Dangerous Myths Driving Their Exit

Nancy Bailey looks at some of the more corrosive myths in education.

Abusing child labor just got easier in Arkansas, and that means educational attainment will go down. Here’s proof.

The Arkansas Times reports on the likely outcomes of the state joining the pro-child labor states.

Would You Recognize a Good Lesson If You Saw It?

Nancy Flanagan looks at the inherent ridiculousness of some teacher evaluation models and the challenge of moving beyond them. 

DeSantis’s book banners face a tough new foe: Angry moms with lawyers

Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, looking at some of the other moms who have started to push back against groups like Moms For Liberty. And they have lawyers.

Please, get rid of testing. It just doesn’t work

So much this. Julia Borst and Chris Tienken guest editorialize in the Star-Ledger, neatly condensing many reasons that the Big Standardized Test should go away.

As problem behaviors persist, is state testing making things worse?

Ronak  Shah with a first person column for Chalkbeat, drawing a line between the kinds of problems we're seeing with students and the kinds of schooling that testing has created.

Jan Resseger has once again done all her homework regarding the newest unsurprising findings.

After School Satan Clubs Are Teaching Public School Districts an Important Lesson in Free Speech

Steven Singer warns about getting what you asked for, and what Satan clubs after school tell us about the First Amendment.

The War on Poverty Is Over. Rich People Won.

At The Atlantic, Annie Lowrey has an interview with Matthew Desmond spinning off his new book about poverty, American style.

This week, at Bucks County Beacon, I did a big ole piece about the Bradley Foundation. They're not as famous as the Koch Brothers, but they deserve to be. \

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