Thursday, January 29, 2015

Choice & Charter Digest

In honor of both Throwback Thursday and a week devoted to school choice PR (thanks for endorsing that, Mr. President), here's an assortment of archive pieces from this blog about choice and charters. Enjoy some old favorites and share them with a friend.

Bullying in New Jersey
In which the New Jersey Charter School Association decides that the best way to deal with a Rutgers professor doing research that makes charters look bad is to use the courts to try to bully her into silence.

My Public School Sales Pitch
If I were telling a parent why to choose public school over charters, this would be my sales pitch.

Indiana: Building a Better Leech
Here's how they go about sucking public schools dry in Indianapolis so that charters can profit.

Choice and Disenfranchising the Public
School choice is all about cutting voters and taxpayers out of their own public school system.

The First All-Charter District
A complete takeover of an entire school district by a charter company has been tried. You just don't hear about it much because it was a total failure.

Why For-Profit = Anti-Student
Whether it's a flat-out for profit school or one of those non-profits used to funnel profits to corporate pockets, a school that needs to make money cannot help being bad for students.

Chicago Schools Caught Cooking the Charter Books
When charters need to look successful, there's always plain old changing the numbers. Here's how Chicago gave some charters a helping hand.

Profiting from Non-Profits
Non-profits are a great way to look noble and still make a bundle of loot.

Charters Break the American Promise
School choice is about reinforcing the social strata

Bush: Nuanced and Wrong
Jeb Bush may be backing away a bit from CCSS, but he is leaning into choice and charters. Here's why he's wrong.

Charter Wolves in Public School Clothing: Buffalo Edition
Buffalo, NY, provides yet another model for using charters to get rich off public tax dollars

Should We Embrace Charter Districts
Responding to a piece that puts all the pro-charter arguments in one spot. They're still wrong.

Forever Schools
Charters aren't in it for the long haul; public schools are.

The Public Charter School Test
If a charter wants to claim it's a public school, it has to meet these four tests.

Charters as Money Funnels
The Gulen chain provides yet another example of how charters can be better at making money than at making education.;

Charters Want More Money
Remember how charters promoted themselves by saying they'd make education less expensive. That was the bait. Now comes the switch.

Fraud and Mismanagement in PA Charters
Here's Pennsylvania's version of how to use charters for shenanigans and profit.

How To Win Hearts and Minds for Charterdom
Did you know there's an actual marketing handbook for the charter movement. I am not making this up.

Cyber-Schools Still Suck, Says NEPC Report
NEPC took a look at 338 cybers. Not very pretty.

When School Choice Works
Under what conditions would voucher systems be okay?

Choice & Cable
Market forces do not foster excellence.

School Choice Does Not Reduce the Cost of Education
School choice does not make education cheaper. It just redistributes the money.

Conservatives Don't Really Like School Choice
Okay, I know some say they do. But if you really follow conservative principles, they do not lead you to school choice.

The Financial Fantasies of Choice
Support of school choice rests on some financial fictions that just won't die. This one caused enough ruckus to rate a sequel.

School Choice is Un-American
Choice violates some basic principles that we hold dear in this country.

Involuntary Free Market
Free market competition for schools doesn't fit, because not everybody really wants the product.

The Free Market Hates Losers
The free market demands winners and losers. It's a philosophy that has no place in public schools.

Schools, Transparency and Free Markets
Remember when even that free market CREDO charter fan said that the free market doesn't work for schools.

Charters: Diminishing Returns and Just Good Enough
The free market is incompatible with education. Here's why.

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