Monday, August 26, 2013

Not Excited About CCSS #3 : And we know this how...?

One of the most fundamental problems with the CCSS is this. The basic claim of the CCSS is that if students meet these standards, they will be fully prepared for the working world (or college and THEN a job). "Master all these standards," say the CCSS, "and you will be all set for success at the next level."

And we know this how...?

Is there a body of research that correlates these standards with later success? No.

Was there a consulting board of college instructors who laid out what they needed from incoming students? No.

Were teachers, guidance counselors, and principals consulted to see what, in their experience, led to later success for their former students? No.

No, all that we know is that some powerful amateurs say that meeting these standards will lead to success (defined as "a good job") later in life.

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