Sunday, September 9, 2018

ICYMI: Rainy Fall Sunday Edition (9/9)

In much of country, the weather is grumpy today. Perfect chance to sit inside and read some good stuff that you may have missed. Remember to share what speaks to you-- you too can help amplify important voices in the debate.

Education Jargon Generator

As the new year starts, you'll want to be to spice up your professional reports, lesson plans, and professional development conversation with outstanding education jargon. Go ahead. Embrace evidenced-based functionalities. Synergize performance-based manipulatives. Do it yourself or use the site's jargon sentence generator. And follow the link to EduBabble Bingo.

The Education of Betsy DeVos

Why can't she get much done? Could it be a lack of experience or people skills? Take a look.

Who Allowed ECOT To Scam Taxpayers for Seventeen Years

Jan Resseger looks at some of the details of Ohio's biggest charter scandal-- and how it could affect the election.

How I Survive

The Guardian offers a photo essay on teachers and their second jobs. So many people are so much tougher than I ever was.

Class Action Problems for College Board

The latest testing screwup could land David Coleman's College Board in court. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Lawmakers Must Pass Charter School Reforms

From Arizona, where charter fraud and waste has gotten so bad the some folks want something done about it.

Are Early Childhood Assessments Necessary for Good Instruction or Irreparably Harmed by Toxic Test Based Accountability?

Defending the Early Years with a fair look at an important question.

10 Tips for New Teachers

Nancy Flanagan is so damned good, but this is even better than usual. Ten real tips for new teachers, including the one I needed to hear 40 years ago-- "Stuff is not teaching."

Life on the Ledger  

We've talked about the actual Ledger here in the past, but Wrench in Gears has created a video that helps explain why a blockchain-based permanent record is a big deal. And if you'd rather read than watch, here's where you can find links to slide version or a pdf of the script.

A Layman's Guide to the Destroy Public Education Movement 

Thomas Ultican with a measured but thorough look at who's behind the push to take over public education.


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