Sunday, October 2, 2016

ICYMI: October Already

Just some of the choice reading from the week. Don't forget to pass it on. And don't forget to look at some of the writing linked in the right-hand column of this blog. 


I wrote about this piece this week, but the Texas systematic denial of special ed services deserves a look.

New Empirical Evidence That Students in Persistent Economic Disadvantage More Likely To Bias Value-Added Estimates

Okay, it may seem like a scary title. but Audrey Amrein-Beardsley is looking at yet another study showing that test results and the VAM scores based on them tell us more about student socio-economic background than anything else.

Big Class Sizes Violate Constitution, Voters' Will

At the Orlando Sentinel, Scott Maxwell points out how large class sizes in Florida are thwarting the law.

SATs Are Worthless

Manuel Alfaro, the former SAT exec turned whistleblower is back with a specific example of exactly why the new SAT is a mess.

Where Is Common Core Headed ? (To Oblivion, Probably)

From NYU, an interesting (if not always exactly accurate) look at the current state of the Core.

Charter School Stomps Unions

This Slate investigative report looks at the Wal-martian lengths that charter schools will go to to keep unions out.

Democracy and national Education Standards

Nick Tampio offers a thoughtful, scholarly look at the conflict between the push for national standards and that whole democracy thing.

NY Times and Solutions Journalism

Bill Gates figured out years ago that it's no good paying for policies to be pursued if you don't also pay for some good newspaper coverage of them. Leonie Haimson looks at one example of how that plays out in New York

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