Sunday, October 16, 2016

ICYMI: Goodies for the week (10/16)

Here's some reading for the day. remember to share the stuff you like; only you can prevent good writing from vanishing into the white noise of the interwebs.

Before We Create Opportunity School Districts..

A Georgia teacher talks about what Opportunity District threats look like on the ground, and what would be a better way to serve the students.

Independent Reading: A Research Based Defense 

This practice has been around forever. When I first started teaching it was Middle School Sustained Silent Reading, shortened to MSSR by the school and called Misssery by the students. But look-- we've finally got some research to back it up.

The Nine Types of People Ruining Your School Email

A fun article. You should send it to everyone on your staff.

California's Charter Mess

Third in a series of four pieces by Carol Burris showing just how big a mess California's charter biz has become

VAM-based Chaos in Florida

How just one district is being upended and trashed by Florida's mandatory VAM-based baloney.

Fed-up Philly Teachers Jumping Ship

Philadelphia continues to find ways to drive teachers away-- and it's working.

The Battle of Hastings: What's Behind the Netflix CEO's Fight To Charterize Public Schools

A more in-depth look at Reed Hastings and his goal of doing away with public education

Pruning Teacher Education

John Merrow takes a look at the USED's new rules for evaluating and shutting down teacher education programs.

To Write or Not To Write

I consider this a question on the order of  "To eat or not to eat," but somehow there are teachers of writing in the world who don't write themselves. This essay answers that problem.

What My Students Have Led Me To Believe 

Finally, from Emily Kaplan, a great way to kick off the week.

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