Thursday, October 31, 2013

Missing Links

There are multiple missing connections in the world of school reform.

For instance, where's the research indicating the correlation between test scores and... well, anything at all.

CCSS is necessary because we need to raise test scores to be globally competitive, because the leading scorers in the world are places like Finland and Singapore, and we need to catch up with Finland and Singapore because they lead the world in.... what, exactly?

Is the argument supposed to be that we want to remain a top tier world power, and to do that we're going to have to bump Singapore out of the way? We must run scared because Singapore is nipping at our heels? Exactly what about Singapore and Finland make us want to copy their test scores other than their test scores?

And what about those test scores, anyway?

Where is the research that correlates test scores with anything? We've been doing the high stakes testing for a while now under NCLB. Surely there must be some research that shows that Pennsylvania students who scored well on the PSSA tests have grown up to have better-paying jobs, or achieve more successful careers, or marry more attractive people, or live happier lives, or be better citizens, or have better relationships, or take better pictures?

Where is anything in the world to show that the higher test scores we are chasing are indicative of anything except higher test scores?

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  1. absolutely! so how do we get folks to HEAR this - and opt for REAL education that helps our students be the best people they can be?