Sunday, June 3, 2018

ICYMI: Graduation Day Edition (6/3)

Today our seniors graduate. Our ceremony, when the weather permits, in the park in the middle of town. I've been stage managing the business for over twenty years, and this was how I wanted to go out-- getting one last set of graduates through. In the meantime, here are some worthwhile things for you to read and share. Don't forget to share. What gives these folks a voice is when you share.

North Carolina's New Charter Bill Is a Warning

Jeff Bryant reports on the North Carolina charter bill, which opens the door to deliberate segregation.

Minneapolis Public Schools Ghosted

Sara Lahm shows what it looks like when a major city decides to phase out its public education system

What and Who Is Fueling the Movement to Privatize Public School

A good primer on what is driving much of school reformy stuff

The Racism of the New Orleans Miracle    

An interview with Ashana Bigard, a N.O. mom, on how things are going.

How Mexican Teachers Unions Are Pushing Candidates to the Left

Imagine a country where the teachers union has a major effect on politics. Well, there is one-- right next door.

Vouchers Still Don't Work    

Yet another study shows voucher students falling behind.

Success Academy Finally Takes the Algebra II Regents-- and Bombs  

The best school in the whole wide world runs into trouble, again.

Asking the Right Question about Personalization  

Rick Hess passes on some more critique of the edu-flavor of the year

Pythagoras on the Purpose of Life and the Meaning of Wisdom

From Brain Pickings. A brief but excellent post to end the week.

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