Sunday, February 12, 2017

ICYMI: This Week's Reading (2/12)

The list is long this week, but at least it's not all politics. At least, I'm pretty sure it's not all politics.

I Never Cared Much About Politics; The Trump Nominated Betsy DeVos

A guest at the Washington Post. The title is self-explanatory

Holy Warrior Against the Welfare State

Jennifer Berkshire's trip to Michigan yielded a lot of good writing. This piece appeared in the Baffler and explains a bit more about DeVos's Amway roots, among other holy things.

Charter School Killed Crook County Grad Rate

From Oregon, the story of hos cyber-charter results made a mess out of a district.

I Was Trained for the Culture Wars

A defector from the world of ultra-conservative Christianity gives us a picture of what education looks like in the world of Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos

The Rise of Crony Appointees and the Inexpert Ruling Class

Paul Thomas connects the dots between Arne Duncan and Betsy DeVos

You Don't Want DeVos Style Charter Schools

What the DeVos approach to charters looks like on the ground

Unexpected Consequences of Test Based Accountability

Reformster Robert Pondiscio at Education Next explaining how much of a mess high stakes testing makes out of schools. I don't agree with his solution, but it's a pretty good explanation of the problem.

Betsy DeVos Christian School Vouchers

From Mother Jones, another well-researched in-depth look at how DeVos made a mess out of Michigan

Ten Year Old Applies to be Cambridge Professor of Legos

A short case study in how to properly handle a small child with big dreams.

Can a Universal Voucher Program Succeed

A good look at the ins and outs of such a system

The Best Writing Teachers Are Writers Themselves

Yes. This.

A Visit to the For-Profit Edu-Mall

A comic strip series from Mr. Fitz. Great explainer to share with people who aren't up for reading whole paragraphs.

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  1. Thank you for these. I taught in Western PA and now teach college. I read your blog each week. Keep up the good work.