Sunday, October 11, 2015

ICYMI: Some Edubloggery Highlights

The Common Core Can't Speed up Child Development

The Baltimore Sun ran this piece last summer, but it's a good reminder now that we're entering test results season. Students are not getting dumber.

NEA PAC vote breakdown

If you're still cranky about the Clinton endorsement, here's the breakdown of who voted which way-- and why the abstentions from the two biggest states made a difference,

Five Questions To Ask a CEO Before a District Take Over

The always-reasonable Peter DeWitt takes a look at Undercover Boss, the Youngstown Schools takeover, and the questions that should be on a school CEO interview.

Bill Gates Education Speech Detached from Reality

There were plenty of reactions to the Bill Gates State of the Education Speech, but this was one of my favorites, looking at some of the specific areas in which Gates was a bit off the mark

Jersey Jazzman Trifecta

If you aren't following Jersey Jazzman, then what's wrong with you? Get to it. His work is always indispensable and, unlike certain other bloggists, based on actual facts and data and stuff. This week he had three must-reads--

John King Is the King of Suspension

Many folks scratched their heads over the anointing of failed New York Ed Head John King as Sort-of-Secretary of Education, but the Jazzman had a very thorough explanation of just what in King's record suggests he's not the man for the job (and why his touted charter "success" is just baloney).

Who Tanked Campbell Brown's Forum?

A look at how Brown failed to set herself up as an arbiter of education stuff.

Chris Cerf Sees the Light

How do you get a reformster to stop saying, "Money doesn't make any difference and school districts shouldn't get any more." You put him in charge of a school district, where he can discover he doesn't have enough money to do his job.

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