Sunday, September 6, 2015

ICYMI: Good reads from the eduverse

School closings seemed to be the topic of the week. With that in mind, if you're not following the news from the Dyett Hunger Strike, you should be. Here are some other reads for your Sunday edification.

Out of Control

I highlighted this report from the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools earlier in the week, but it deserves a long, thoughtful look. The report examines the systematic disenfranchisement of African American and Latino communities through the mechanism of school takeovers.

What's Really at Stake When a School Closes?

This New Yorker piece from Jelani Cobb examines the fate of Jamaica High School in Queens, and the long, difficult history that led from a school producing three Pullitzer prize winners to being pushed out of its own auditorium for graduation. Here is what the starving, gutting and closing of a school looks like up close.

How Far We Have Fallen

A simple but artful graphic presentation highlights just how badly public education has been attacked and damaged in North Carolina.

School Closures- A National Look at a Failed Strategy

It was a mighty fine day when the Network for Public Education hired Carol Burris. Here on NPE's site she has put together a look at how school closing has failed as a strategy all across the nation (well, at least as a strategy for improving education). 

We're going the wrong way in trying to get teacher evaluations right

Columnist Lloyd E. Schaeffer does a pretty good job of explaining one reason that the teacher evaluation system in Pennsylvania (and many other states) is wrong, and dumb.

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