Sunday, November 27, 2016

ICYMI: Post Turkey Edition (11/27)

I briefly toyed with the idea of collecting all the articles that explain how awful Betsy DeVos will be as Secretary of Education, but it just made my computer sad, so I just picked a couple and selected some other pieces to help us all remember that there are other things to pay attention to.

Higher Education in Pennsylvania 101

William Boggs in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains what some legislators don't seem to understand about higher educationm

A Story That No One Will Print

Maybe this is moot now, but still worth a read. John Merrow reprints the story about She Who Will Not Be Named that nobody wanted to run. A reminder of just how awful she was.

The Data Delusion

Okay, this actually takes us back to 2013. But it's a good read about the ways in which education "data" leads us to believe things that just aren't so.

Polls Convinced Me That Hillary Clinton Wouldn't Lose: As An Education Researcher The Result Was a Wake-Up Call

The mishandling of election data leads this education data guru to reconsider the meaning of educational data

End School Privatization

Jamaal Bowman with a short, clear call for the end of school privatization

Michigan House's Detroit School Bills Are Pure Garbage

Stephen Henderson has some passionate and reality-based reactions to the Michigan legislature's latest move to screw over the schools of Detroit. Remember-- if you want to see the future of education under DeVos, just look at Michigan.

What We Can Learn About Betsy DeVos from Her Husband's Charter School

MarkWeber (Jersey Jazzman) takes a look at Mr. DevOs's little side project.

Bad News Betsy

Emily Talmadge with another angle of the bad news about DeVos's selection

Heavens to Betsy 

Finally, Russ Walsh includes a variety of links and recommendations so that if you do want to read even more, you can. But you could also do something about this terrible idea.


  1. Now that Betsy Devos is at the educational helmet nationally, we can all expect these sort of things from our misguided legislators and their profiteering backers.

  2. Thanks, Peter! Really good reads this week.