Sunday, August 5, 2018

ICYMI: My Nephew's Wedding Edition (8/5)

My family gathered from all over creation this week to help celebrate my nephew's wedding yesterday. It's been a lot of busy family fun, but I have still had time to collect some pieces of reading for you. Remember to pass them along.

Why Some Parents Turn Their Backs on Public School and What Can Be Done About It

Great piece from Nancy Bailey that deals with some difficult issues.

What New Orleans Tells Us About the Dangers of Putting Schools on the Free Market

From the New Yorker, one more lok at the truth of what "miraculouis" NOLA tells us about using market forces to "fix" schools.

Federal Court Rules Lawsuit Against Success Can Proceed

The folks trying to sue Success Academy just cleared one more hurdle, and in the process, gave the court a chance to make note of many of SA's less admirable practices.

A Classroom Library

An impassioned and solid argument for replacing Accelerated Reading programs with a good classroom library. Like maybe we could get kids to enjoy reading rather than hating it.

College Board Botches the Scoring of June 2018 SAT

You may have heard the story-- a few students are put out that their number of correctly answered questions went up, but their SAT score went down. Only it turns out there are more than a few, and they've been doing their homework. Mercedes Schneider rounds up the story.

How We Define Teaching Makes All the Difference

Jan Resseger with some great thoughts about the profession (along with some thoughts about Arne Duncan's swell new book).

DeVos Money Is All Over The News Right Now  


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